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Urology is a surgical speciality that deals with treatment of conditions involving male and female urinary tract and male reproductive organ. The Urology clinic in RBH is the centre of excellence in Bahrain and entire middle east for the following treatments. Thankyou for support, we are reaching 1 million visitors.

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Peyronie's disease,Erectile dysfunction and Penile Prosthesis implantation.
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Frenulum breve, or a short frenulum, is a condition in which an elastic band of tissue under the glans penis  that connects to the prepuce  to glans is short and restricts the movement of the prepuce. The frenulum should normally be sufficiently long, elastic  and agile to allow for the full retraction of the prepuce without causing bending of the shaft of erect penis . The penile frenulum is comparable to the toungue's frenulum  between the tongue's lower surface and the lower jaw.

Frenulum breve is a condition having short and tight frenulum and often complicated by tearing of the frenulum during sexual activity. The torn frenulum results in healing with scar  tissue that is less flexible and cause further shortening.

 There are several different techniques to treat this condition. One simple technique but less effective way is threading a suture  through the frenulum and then tying a tight knot . After a few days the frenulum will weaken and eventually break apart to allow the prepuce to fully retract. Other procedures involve the cutting of the skin and require the use of sutures to help in the healing process. Stretching exercises and steroid creams  creams may also be helpful.

Surgical treatment
 we do a plastic surgery to the frenulum to increase the length called frenuloplasty , In cases having associated phimosis or history of recurrent balanoposthtitis,  a radical circumcision will be the option.
The Frenuloplasty
This procedure is simply done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and can be carried out in the outpatients’ procedure room.

Y-V Plasty
A very small amount of local anaesthetic is put into the frenulum. A cut is made in the shape of a V which is then gradually loosened and sewn up in the shape of a Y usually increasing the length of the frenulum by around 1 to 1.5cm. Small dissolving stitches are placed and these will usually fall out after a week to ten days.

Z plasty
An alternative is frenuloplasty with single or multiple Z-plasties to lengthen of frenulum.Two large triangular flaps are created on the surface of thefrenulum. The flaps are transposed as ‘Z’ plasty.