Urology Clinic RBH

Urology is a surgical speciality that deals with treatment of conditions involving male and female urinary tract and male reproductive organ. The Urology clinic in RBH is the centre of excellence in Bahrain and entire middle east for the following treatments. Thankyou for support, we are reaching 1 million visitors.

Laser surgery for prostate diseases.
Laser surgery for kidney stones.
Urodynamic study and incontinence treatment.
Laparoscopic urology.
Microscopic varicocele surgery.
Peyronie's disease,Erectile dysfunction and Penile Prosthesis implantation.
Infertility Treatment.
Female urology and Sexual health.
No Needle No scalpel Vasectomy.
Cancer Screening and treatment.
Plastibell Circumcision


The journey of Mr.sperm.
From urology RBH
I am Mr. Sperm and my life began in the seminiferous tubules, inside the testes. I was maturing there with my other 500 million colleagues for about two months. Before the great ejaculation we moved to the epididymis waiting for the great force that pushed us through the urethra. In the urethra we were mixed with a secretion from the prostate gland containing substances that facilitate my long journey to the female partner-ovum. Along with the prostate secretion we were discharged with immense force by the way of contractions of the pelvic muscles, and then we were followed by a sugar-containing fluid from the seminal vesicles. From there we exited the penis into the vagina where my real journey of fertilization began. We were ejaculated against the opening of the cervix, the furthest end of the vagina. I had a journey which is about six to seven inches to the fallopian tubes but can take several hours. By god’s grace and my hard work I was a high-speed swimmer and I swam through the vagina defeating all of my colleagues. All conditions were favorable for me that day, and I made it in about a half an hour. Unbeknownst I already had lots of changes during my journey. After all these struggles and toil I was "capacitated” to reach my woman.
From urology RBH
After at least 20,000 tail lashings and a lots of competition, I reached my female partner. Once I have reached there, I worked like a revolving drill, with my head rotating by my tail movements. Finally I succeeded to insert my head passing entirely through her wall.
From urology RBH
I just swam steadily while approaching the genetic material, which is stored in a nucleus deep inside her body. Our nuclei were drawn inexorably toward each other and soon fused. Instantaneously the hereditary characteristics of our baby were determined.

The journey of Ms.Ovum
From urology RBH
I am Ms.Ovum and I was formed while still in the fetus of a human being. My chance of becoming fertilized is about one in 500 million and the woman only ovulates about 400 times altogether in a lifetime. Her time of ovulation is a dynamic process that takes place in the course of one or more minutes. The portion of the follicle facing the abdominal cavity ruptures fairly rapidly and the fluid filling the follicle and containing millions of cells runs out. I am with the vast number of cells surrounding me that provide nourishment and protection for the journey. In the meantime, the Fallopian tubes have received signals to get ready to capture me. The finger-like projections of the fallopian tube hugged me into the tube, which is still surrounded by thousands of nutrient cells. Now I am safe inside the Fallopian tube, where I will wait rather content while I ripen, preparing myself for the meeting my man. Inside the fallopian tubes is where fertilization will take place.
From urology RBH
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